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This Family history is from the research of Barnabas Fuzessery 1897-1971. His research in Latin was translated into Hungarian and then English. I have added historical and geographical reference links as an aid to the research.

This webpage was created by Alex Mantegazza.

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A Family tribe in the Arpad Army defeated a Bulgarian tribal chief Zalan in the area then called Fuzeser. The Family tribe took over that land and changed their old tribal name to match the new land which they just won.

The literal translation is this:
FUZES = a forest of willow trees
ER = small trickling stream
I = belonging to or comming from
FUZESERI = comming from the place where there is a small trickling stream in a forest of willow trees.

It still remains questionable how FUZESERI became FUZESSERY. Hopefully, further research will solve this.

The Family tribe were successful in another war campaign against the Romanian Kangar Gyula (military leader and King of the Olah and Dacsa), and took over Transylvania. One of the Fuzessery brothers settled there in the City of Tovis [3], Romania, which now is in the County of Alba. Again, the adding of the "i" after Tovis meant "comming from or belonging to Tovis" so the family name became Fuzessery-Tovisi.

A desendant of the Family Tribe came Commander Peter Fuzessery-Tovisi 1264-1298 + Miss Detaris ?-1298
In 1264 under the Hungarian King Bela IV a war was faught against the Tartars [4] and scattered 50,000 tartars and pushed them out of Hungary.
Another leader in this war was Janos Ordog-Fuzessery who was noticed by King Bela IV's wife Queen Maria.
As of this point there were 2 family tribes, one group living in the area of Fuzeser and the other group living in Tovis.

In 1401 a local feudal Lord Istvan Debroi of Transylvania along with Peter Fuzessery and sons' Istvan, Laszo, Denes and with Jakab Fuzessery led an uprising against King Zsigmond (Sigismund I) [5] of Hungary and lost. As a result, the Fuzesserys forfeited all their land in Fuzeser back to King Zsigmond.

Around 1423 the loyal Fuzessery families and Janos Fuzessery-Tovisi (Chief Justice of Tovis), and Peter Berenyi of Transylvania protected King Zsigmond of Hungary and as a result, King Zsigmond gave the forfeited land from the unloyal Fuzessery Families to Janos's son Belazs Fuzessery-Tovisi who starts the main branch of the Family Fuzessery-Tovisi in this time. A group of Fuzessery-Tovisi's lived in Zemplen [6] until a local war started and many of the Fuzessery-Tovisi family members died.

There were now 3 groups of tribes:
The Un-loyal Fuzessery's with no land
The Loyal Fuzessery-Tovisi's in Zemplen. Tiborg Fuzessery-Tovisi had no children, so the Zemplen line died out.
The Loyal Fuzessery-Tovisi's with given land from the King. From this tribe the decendent's line flows.
Janos Fuzessery-Tovisi 1423
Balazs Fuzessery-Tovisi
Ferencz Fuzessery-Tovisi + Csaszar Borbale
Maityas Fuzessery-Tovisi
Andreas Fuzessery-Tovisi + Erzsebet
Benedek Fuzessery-Tovisi + Katalin
Andras Fuzessery-Tovisi + Anna Ongay
Andras Fuzessery-Tovisi + Margit Szapan
Laszlo Fuzessery-Tovisi + Juliana
Janos Fuzessery-Tovisi + Klara
Miklos Fuzessery-Tovisi + Juliana
Laszlo Fuzessery-Tovisi 1850 + Anna Katalin
Gyula Fuzessery-Tovisi 1829-1880 + Maria 1834-1907
Barna Fuzessery-Tovisi 1859-1936

The family tree chart is too big to fit on to a page so 3 sections were made:
left section, middle section, right section.
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