John was the son of Edna Johnson and partner Roy.

John (Johnny) Holland Johnson

John was a friend of mine. We grew up together living 2 houses apart on Vermont Street in Gardena California in the 1950's. We went to 186th St. Elementary School and then to Gardena High School. He got a 10 speed bicycle then I got one. We rode our bikes all over from Gardena to Palos Verdes to Huntington and Redondo Beaches and back. After High School John got a Chevy Belaire then I got my first car, a 1955 Chevy 2 door. We took pride in souping up our cars. I painted mine a metallic purple.

Johns' 2nd car was an El Camino.
My 2nd car was a Mitsubishi Starion.

John met a girl called Renne (Sunny) and got married. (I'm on the right).

Then I got married and lived with my parents in Gardena.
John and Sunny bought a home in Laguna Hills.

Then we bought a home in Laguna Hills one street away.

John and Sunny had 2 girls. This photo was taken in 1973 Heidi 7 and Tammi 4. We had no children.

Then John and Sunny got divorced and sold their home. Later we got divorced and sold our house.

John and I shared a condo for awhile, and then I moved out into an apartment in Costa Mesa. In 1989 I moved to Australia and lost touch with John.

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