All Public Libraries worldwide will disappear by 2053 !!! A prediction by me on March 6, 2013
I predict that all public libraries worldwide will disappear by 2053 due to the very rapid increase in technology.

Currently Governments, States, Cities, local councils spend a fortune of taxpayers money to maintain the Public Library system. They need to constantly purchase new books by the thousands hardcover and softcover, audio recordings, magazines, cds, dvds for public use. Millions of trees worldwide are being cut down to provide paper for the book and magazine industry. Our world is being raped left right and center.

They spend millions of our dollars every year on public library building maintenance and upkeep, utility costs, computer upgrades, staff wages and insurance and benefits. The expense list just goes on and on. And yet, the Library system does not make a profit to support itself.

Because of that, I believe that the next big movement will be to digitize ALL the current and future information that would normally be found in the Public Library and have it on the PUBLIC-DIGITAL-LIBRARY-SYSTEM (PDLS) computer that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Public Librarys and their contents will be sold off.

No more waiting for a copy of a book to be sent to your local library so you can check it out. You have it instantly 24/7 to download to your laptop, pc, or hand held reader no matter where you are.

No more buying school text books. It will be all downloaded to your laptop, or pc for just $2 a book. (The publishers have to make some money). Afterall, all they would do is correct the text from the writer, and just upload the one copy to the PUBLIC-DIGITAL-LIBRARY-SYSTEM. All you need is just one copy of anything in the computer.

You may have to apply online for a membership and even pay a small fee say $2 per year but no download fees would apply to anything that was not school text related.

Right now you or your children have to pay heaps for new yearly school books and then after the year is finished, you have to worry about getting rid of them to get next years' books. Well no more. It will all be on the computer so you just copy the book to an external storage device if you want to keep that version of the book for future reference.

All the technical reference books on the sciences, medicine, religion, etc will be available to anyone without leaving your home. If a digital book was released and then some time later an error was found in the book, it would be easy to just fix the error and upload that one copy to the main computer and notify all those who have downloaded the book to get an update for free.

I predict that Google; with its' vast resources; will corner the market in this area. They will buy up the digital rights to all the print and audio/visual media and make it available on their new service called GOOGLE LIBRARY which will reduce Amazons' and Wikipedias' viability.

Future novel writers will compose their stories on a computer and then bypass the publishers, printers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers; and submit directly to Google.

The next 40 years are going to be exciting times.

Stay tuned for more predictions.

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