Nasca Lines Decoded
by me
October 29, 2015

Ever since Man discovered the Nasca lines, speculation about the meaning of these lines flurished.
I have my own interpretation of these glyphs. Ancient Aliens have visited this planet long ago.
They found life on this planet and vast useable resources. They wanted to leave a record of this
for future visitors. The best solution was to leave marks that would be seen from a very low orbit
without having to land. They knew that water over time would erode any ground markings so they picked
a spot where it never rained and landed their craft. They met with the locals. For some reason, they
convinced the locals to created the glyphs and gave the locals a detailed plan on what to draw on the

The results were the Nasca lines and glyphs.

However, leaving a representation of the animal life on the planet, they also needed to leave details
about the natural resources there that can be used to refuel their crafts, so they left a detailed glyph
about the elements needed and how to created the reaction for energy.

The above 2 glyphs do just that. The left glyph is the actual aerial view of the "Sun Star Glyph" and the
right glyph is the same "Sun Star Glyph" with the grid lines enhanced. This is the representation of the atom
with the valence rings and the electrons in the valence orbits. The atomic nucleus is at the center. Each ring
around the nucleus is the valence rings and each larger dot represents the electrons. Once the elements in the
glyph had been gathered, then they can be bombarded with the last element or combination of elements that are
shown in the upper left of the image on the left.

We currently do not have the technology to harness or utilize the resulting energy release but maybe someday
someone will figure out which elements need to be combined and bombarded with to create the required energy release
for sustained space flight.

The straight lines I suspect is a map of where and how far the needed elements could be found on the planet.

Far fethced idea? Of course, but none of the other ideas currently around include my energy fuel source idea.

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