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In some biblical scriptures, it is said that God created the void, then filled it with stars. Close your eyes, try to imagine a dark empty Space with absolutly nothing in it. Then take the Space away. What is left?; still black empty Space. That's because our minds still think in 3 dimensions and cannot grasp the concept of Space without Space. Imagine a simple wooden table with an empty drinking glass on the table. Now reach in and remove the glass, what is left?, the wooden table. We can imagine this because these items are known to us. There are many ideas of where God and Space came from. Here is my idea.

Long, long ago, in a dimension above the 4th, there still exists an Alien race that had evolved past war, greed, illness, and the need to accumulate posessions. They use more than 100% of their mental processes and think in multi-dimensions way above our 4. Time as we perceived it had no meaning to the Aliens. They exsist above Time. They realized that the purpose of exsistance was to gain knowledge and pass it on. They can exist in many dimensions above our 4. These beings are made of dark matter and dark energy. They do not need a physical form although they can change into one if needed.

Each Alien would tackle a concept of study and share the findings with the others. That is how their knowledge expands. One of the Aliens was interested in the process of evolution. To study this; the Alien (which I call the Creator) creates a round black bubble as easy as we can create soap bubbles with a bubble wand and liquid soap. This bubble is motionless and perfectly round. It just hangs there next to Him.

He then introduces dark matter and dark energy into the middle of this bubble and studies its effects. Nothing happens. He starts introducing various other fabricated elements into the center of the bubble to see their effects. Nothing happens. He continues to introduce various elements in different proportions. Nothing happens. He eventually tries to incorporate linier and non-linear fractal equations of a 4 dimensional field into a burst of high energy in the middle of the bubble. This is what was needed to start the various elements to combine.

He watches its progress and sees that things are starting to happen. He sees that his initial burst of energy causes the elements to rapidly move outward in all directions within his void black bubble and that the elements are starting to fractally coalesce; starting the formation of galaxies with new suns and planets. He watches that some planets are in a goldilocks zone of its star and start to form rudamentary life that mutates and evolve by the process of natural selection.

After studing the experiment for a long time, He discovers that the life forms are rudamentary and that their only instinct is to eat, survive and reproduce in their environment. He wonders, if the life forms remain untampered with, how far would they evolve?. So the Creator creates a second black void bubble, He injects the exact amounts of dark matter and dark enery and fabricated elements into the void and introduces the same burst of high energy. He decides in the second experiment that He will assist the life forms in very small amounts and watch the results. When the life forms reached a stage where they developed agriculture on their own, He shows the life forms a new concept.

He goes into the second experiment as a local and introduces the wheel to the other locals and then leaves. He sees that the locals make use of this new concept in transportation and machinery and technological progress is achieved.

He compared the two experiments and saw that if left unassisted, the first experiment resulted in an agricultural society with no high level of technology, a barter system for trade and no desire for advancement. A simple society with no belief structure of Religion. He finds no more interest in this first experiment and shuts it down by imploding the bubble and leaves the second experiment going to watch what will develope.

He sees that by helping the various planets in suble ways, each planet advanced in technology, some slow and some faster. Each new concept would be introduced to the races by the Creator posing as a Supreme being so the races could not question him about where he came from. Being an Alien; the Creator had powers that the local races did not have, like immortality, levitation, healing the sick, converting matter from one form into another, etc. He let them think of him as a God but he did not force the point. He let the races think what they wanted to think and make up their own stories about him after he had left the experiment.

Planets with races that advanced faster were assisted more until the planets reached the point of interstellar travel. He watched as the Space traveling races started to fight with other races to gain dominance over them until only one species emerged victorious in the entire bubble experiment. This one species ruled all the planets and consumed a majority the other planets' resources.

The status quo remained for a long time until most of the dominated planets were starting to fell discontent and resisted the domination. With secret meetings and alliances, the dominated planets would mount a counter attack against their oppressor to become free of them. The war of the many united planets against the single oppressor planet was long and took the lives of many. Eventually the oppressor planet lost the war and the oppressed planets were free to do as they please. This theme of domination and retaliation remained present and constant for many eons of time as we understand it.

As time went on, the races in the second experiment suffered from disease, famine, natural disasters, and tried to escape to new planets for safety. Some succeeded and some failed.

Eventuall their expanding universe in the experiment stopped expanding because it had reached the limits of the bubble and started to contract due to gravitaional forces. Some worlds were aware that their universe was contracting and tried to develope the technology to escape into another other dimensions but found it impossible to do so. They did not know about the force field around the bubble. The inevitable end was comming and there was no where to hide. All the literature, science and knowledge accumulated on all these worlds would be lost forever.

The Creator saw that the end was unavoidable and felt a sence of sadness about the eventual end of everything in this experiment and decided to spare the races within this experiment the anguish of their eventual deaths and that it would be better to simply pop the bubble out of exsistance in one instantanious event; and He did.

The Creator's final report indicated that a four dimensional corporeal exsistance is not desireable. The Aliens agreeded that this was new knowledge to them because they always exsisted in the 11th dimension.

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