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13th Century Fiorino doro counterfeit coin. Item number: 19100
This coin is a counterfeit of the Italian 13th century gold coin Fiorino d'oro. It weighs 4.3 grams and is made of brass. The first gold coin was made in Florence, Italy and was used as a standard for commerce in Europe. Later other municipalities and countries issued their own versions of the coin. The real gold version auctions at US$1500 to US$1900. You can own your own example for a fraction of the price. Counterfeit Fiorino d'oros are quite hard to find, so when one shows up, it is snapped up quite quickly. This coin has a slight blemish on the back left side.

France coin 1613 2 Liards. Item#: 26589. Condition: circulated. Metal: copper. KM12
Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon (September 28, 1555 - March 25, 1623)
(Titles: Duke of Bouillon, jure uxoris, comte de Montfort et Neelisse, vicomte de Turenne, Castillon, et Lanquais)
He was a member of the powerful, (then Huguenot) House of La Tour d'Auvergne, Prince of Sedan and a marshal of France.
Childred: (1)Marie, Duchess of La Tremoille, (2)Juliane Catherine, Countess of Roucy, (3)Elisabeth, Marquise of Duras
(4)Henriette Catherine, Marquise of La Moussaye, (5)Henri, vicomte de Turenne

Born in Chateau de Joze-en-Auvergne, France, Died in Sedan, France aged 67
Spouse: Charlotte de La Marck Elisabeth of Orange-Nassau
Father: Francois de La Tour d'Auvergne, Mother: Eleonore de Montmorency

France 1791 Jeton, Louis XVI and Fountain. Item#: 51178 #04

France coin 1791/92 12 Deniers, Louis XVI. Item number: 50296 #02. Minted in Paris.

France coin 1856 5 centims, Napoleon III. Circulated condition, coin is slightly warped. Item#: 52392. Cat. ref. KM776

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