Book title: Cybernia
Condition: 2nd hand, normal use wear
Author: Lou Cameron
Publisher: 1ST Printing by Fawcett Publication #T2593
where Published: USA
when Printed: 1972
Special info: 174 pages

Synopsis: The town of terror Cybernia. Ross MacLean was a computer expert. One of those bright guys with a head for pure logic. Machines break down once in a while, and he could set them straight in no time. That's why he was going to Cybernia. Cybernia was a new community - a community of tomorrow. It was fully modernized and automated, run by a fantastic computer. But the computer was acting strangely. At least that's what Ed Morton, town manager, said when he called in MacLean. It was getting bigger. It was controlling things it was never programmed to control. Then suddenly it started killing people.

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