Book title: The Enemy Stars
Condition: 2nd hand, all covers intact, no rips, little use wear, minor crease front cover.
Author: Poul Anderson
Publisher: Berkley #425-03943-9
where Published: USA
when Printed: 1979
Special info: 152 pages

Synopsis: Journey to the end of the Universe.
They built the ship "Southern Cross" and launched it towards Alpha Crucis. Centuries passed, civilizations arose and disappeared, human races changed, and the ship was still on its perilous journey towards a distant star.
Four people made up the crew when the accident happened: the wealthy and sensible physicist Terangi Maclaren; the long-suffering pilot Nakamura; Dave Ryerson, the timid son of a space wanderer; and the rebellious colonist, engineer Chang Sverdlov.
The ship was farther from Earth than any human had ever ventured before, and the lives of the four of them depended on the slim possibility of effective repair in space. It will soon be obvious that all four cannot expect deliverance...

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