Book title: The Genesis Machine
Condition: 2nd hand, all covers intact, no rips, minor fold front bottom corner, little use wear, has book store stamp cover page.
Author: James P. Hogan
Publisher: First Printing Edition by Ballantine Books #0-345-27231-5
where Published: USA
when Printed: 1978
Special info: 229 pages

Synopsis: Brad Clifford's theory was just applied mathematics -- but its implications were too hot for the frozen minds of his superiors. So they buried it -- and him -- under wraps of secrecy. Then Aubrey Philipsz, iconoclast and fellow genius, appeared on the scene to build the Genesis Machine Clifford's theory made possible. Suddenly, all weapons seemed useless before the previously unimagined power of the Genesis Machine. It could wreck a world or save it -- and the men who ruled that world on a path of disaster now fought to gain control of this new force. But Clifford and Philipsz had another goal, another dream. They were reaching for the stars

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