Book title: The Metal Monster
Condition: 2nd hand well used, all covers intact, no dogeared pages or underlining, normal use wear
Author: A. Merritt
Publisher: Fourth printing by Avon Books #S231
where Published: USA
when Printed: 1966
Special info: 238 pages

Synopsis: A small band of explorers--including the famed Dr. Goodwin, Ruth Ventnor, her brother Martin, and the scientific adventurer Alvin Drake--finds itself face to face with a sentient, collective intelligence composed of billions of living geometric metallic forms! Spawn of an alien race that moves among the stars, seeding their kind on likely planets, the metal being intends to replace all biological lifeforms on Earth. Between it and humanity, between it and the group of adventurers that have inadvertently stumbled into its lair, stands only Norhala, the lightning witch, a mysterious, unearthly woman of incredible beauty and power, who seems at once the metal intelligence's handmaiden, keeper, and secret enemy.

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