Book title: The Left Hand of the Electron
Condition: near mint conditon. not read, all covers perfect, all pages perfect, the only reason the book is not in mint condition is that when it is picked up and put down, you get micro scratches on covers.
Author: Isaac Asimov
Publisher: 1st PRINTING ISSUE by Dell Books #440-04717-125
where Published: Mass Market Paperback, USA
when Printed: 1972
Special info: 254 pages

Synopsis: This collection of popular science articles written by Isaac Asimov opens with an entertaining essay on the predictive capacity of the scientific novel, followed by two essays on the laws that govern expansion and miniaturization in nature.
The electron is left-handed belongs to a series of five works that deal with parity and symmetry in the inanimate world and in living beings. The rest of the articles examine a wide variety of topics: the oceans, certainty and uncertainty in physics, Euclid's axioms and the reasons why they were considered absolute truth for two thousand years, and so on.

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