Book title: The Time Machine II
Condition: Very Good condition, very minor surface scuff on front cover bottom right corner, no crease in spine, front and rear covers excellent condition, no dog eared pages. A very good collectors book.
Author: George Pal & Joe Morhaim
Publisher: 1ST EDITION of Dell Publishing #18632, 0-440-18632-3
where Published: USA
when Printed: June 1981
Synopsis: Somewhere far in the future an eccentric inventor readied his craft to travel back to his own country and time - back to a gaslit Victorian England. With him was Weena, his gentle wife, about to give birth any moment. They almost succeeded. Christopher Jones was born in the London Blitz. He never knew his parents - until fate happened to hand him, quite literally, a key. He know then that he must follow his father into the frightening worlds of the future. He must warn them not to return. They must not die... though it meant, perhaps, that he might never live.

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