Book title: Foward in Time
Condition: Near Mint Condition
All surfaces and edges very fine.
The book lays flat, no warping
The pages are white, clean with no folds or dogeared corners.
Binding is tight.
Author: Ben Bova
Publisher: Walker Publishing
where Published: New York, USA
when Printed: 1973
Cover:Minor shelving wear around egdes, printed surfaces are in very good condition, practically no rubbing wear.
Special info: 211 pages, Not a Library Book

Synopsis: A Second Short Story Collection
Introduction (1972) essay
The Next Logical Step (1962) story
A Slight Miscalculation (1971) story
Blood of Tyrants (1970) novelette
Zero Gee [Kinsman] (1972) novelette
Test in Orbit [Kinsman] (1965) story
Fifteen Miles [Kinsman] (1967) story
The Weathermakers (1966) novelette
Men of Good Will (1964) story by Bova & Myron R. Lewis
The Perfect Warrior (1963) novelette by Bova & Myron R. Lewis (aka The Dueling Machine)
Stars, Won't You Hide Me? (1966) story

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