Book title: No Blades of Grass
Condition: Good Condition for not read
All surfaces and edges very fine.
The book lays flat, no warping
The pages are white, clean with no folds or dogeared corners.
Binding is tight.
Author: John Christopher (pseudonym of Samuel Youd)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
where Published: NY, USA
when Printed: 1956
Dust Jacket: Shelving wear, has some minor edge tears but ok condition for the age, worn at book end fold
Special info: Not a Library Book, 183 pages, First Printing Edition

Synopsis: At first the virus wiping out grass and crops is of little concern to John Custance. It has decimated Asia, causing mass starvation and riots, but Europe is safe and a counter-virus is expected any day. Except, it turns out, the governments have been lying to their people. When the deadly disease hits Britain they are left alone, and society starts to descend into barbarism. As John and his family try to make it across country to the safety of his brother's farm in a hidden valley, their humanity is tested to its very limits.


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