Book title: The Fantastic Universe
Condition: Very Good Condition
All surfaces and edges very fine.
The book lays flat, no warping
The pages are white, clean with no folds or dogeared corners.
Binding is tight.
Authors: many
Publisher: Prentice-Hall
where Published: USA
when Printed: 1960
Cover: Shelving wear, has some minor edge tears but ok condition for the age.
Special info: Not a Library Book, 270 pages

Stories from the magazine, including "First Law" (1956) by Isaac Asimov; She Only Goes Out at Night (1956) by William Tenn ; The Pacifist (1956) by Arthur C. Clarke; The Bounty Hunter (1958) by Avram Davidson; The Muted Horn (1957) by Dorothy Salisbury Davis; A Way of Life (1956) by Robert Bloch; In Lonely Lands (1959) by Harlan Ellison; Fall of Knight (1958) by A. Bertram Chandler; Sit by the Fire (1958) by Myrle Benedict ; A Thing of Custom (1957) by L. Sprague de Camp; Exile from Space (1956) by Judith Merril; Mex (1957) by Larry M. Harris; The Amazing Mrs. Mimms (1958) by David C. Knight; My Father, the Cat (1957) by Henry Slesar; Title Fight (1956) by William Campbell Gault; The Golden Pyramid (1956) by Sam Moskowitz; The Robot Who Wanted to Know (1958) by Felix Boyd; Road to Nightfall (1958) by Robert Silverberg; The Velvet Glove (1956 by Harry Harrison. LEFT CLICK ON IMAGE FOR ENLARGED VIEW

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