Book title: The Jonah Kit
Condition: 2nd hand, front and spine cover good, missing bits and corner fold on rear cover, torn rear corner
Author: Ian Watson
Publisher: 1ST EDITION of Bantam, #10879-4
where Published: Mass Market Paperback, USA
when Printed: 2/1978
Synopsis: When a young Russian boy disappears from a top-secret research establishment, and turns up in Tokyo, he presents a major problem for American security officials. The youth appears to be part of a sophisticated experiment--and to have the mind of a supposedly dead astronaut perfectly imprinted on his own. And, the boy claims the tests have been extended to a whale. As these strange events unfold, other cataclysmic events begin to occur too: a groundbreaking Nobel Prize winner proves that what we perceive as the universe is nothing more than a ghost of the real thing. Then the whales begin singing their death-mantra throughout the world's oceans.

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