Book title: The Star of Life
Condition: Hardcover, First Printed Edition, Fine Condition, slight bump top of spine.
All surfaces and edges very fine.
The book lays flat, no warping
The pages have slight tanning but clean with no folds or dogeared corners.
Binding is tight.
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Publisher: Dodd, Mead & Co.
where Published: New York, USA
when Printed: 1959
Cover: Original, some shelving wear, has some minor edge tears but ok condition for the age.
Special info: Library of Congress number: LCCCN 59-6638
Synopsis: Kirk Hammond is frozen in space and then enters the Earth 10,000 years in the future. He encounters three species of humankind: humans who make up most of the galaxy, the Vramen who never die because they live on the restricted planet whose sun is the Star of Life. Humanity wants desperately to enjoy eternal life too, but the Vramen will not allow it. Because their children, and their children's children.


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