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Bottom Right Corner Dots Position Plate I

If you happen to have a stamp that is heavily cancelled but still can recogize the position of the 2 lower right hand dots (ie dot after NOV and dot after CREVIT) in the legend section then this page can possibly help you to refine your quest for a plate position.

There are 3 possible ways in which your stamp will match.
You will either have:
1. a reproduction from an essay sheet. Essay's were proposed designs which needed approval prior to printing for circulation and not considered as a viable legitimate stamp.
2. a genuine stamp issued for circulation and approved by the Postmaster General.
3. a very good forgery or fake (a genuine stamp which has been physically altered).

The following images are in order of closeness between the two dots. Mouseover on image for position number.

pos 4 pos 17 pos 18 pos 23 pos 13
pos 19 pos 7 pos 10 pos 2 pos 20
pos 8 pos 16 pos 12 pos 11 pos 22
pos 5 pos 1 pos 15 pos 25 pos 14
pos 3 pos 6 pos 9 pos 21 pos 24

Bottom Right Corner Dots Position Plate II
pos 4 pos 17 pos 23 pos 18 pos 13
pos 10 pos 7 pos 19 pos 8 pos 16
pos 20 pos 11 pos 15 pos 5 pos 12
pos 22 pos 25 pos 9 pos 3 pos 6
pos 1 pos 21 pos 14 pos 24 pos 2
I hope this site has given you more knowledge about the varieties of this stamp, and your feedback is welcomed.
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Proof images from Hutson and Hull with the assistance of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, Ashburton.

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