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Example of conjoined variety
compare top house distance from circle

This is an example of a forgery.
Notice design difference and has
only single verticle columns from
the Jarvis 3p design.

This is an example of a forgery essay.
Notice the brick and mortor pattern in the
upper and lower spandrils.

This is an example of another forgery.
Notice that the Maltese Cross does not
align to the center of the T.

Here is another example of a forgery.

Another example of a forgery.
Notice the position of the Maltese Cross
between the T and A.

A listing on Ebay by sibir2007.
This is how sibir2007 described this fuzzy photocopy
or whatever it was.
"1850+ MINT SYDNEY VIEW with clouds.
NICE IMPERF with 4 margins.
CV> $6,145.00. Excellent Condition
Unhinged/no gum, Great Investment.

He was advised by several members
he was selling a crude forgery, and as
usual with these con-men, proceeded
with the sale regardless.
Thankfully we have experienced collector,
exhibitor and judge David Benson
(found on Stampboards) to help detect
such forgeries.

From the "The Carl Walske Collection of
Fakes and Forgeries"
First, a useful definition:
Forgery: a fraudulent imitation of a stamp.
Fake: a fake is a genuine stamp that has
been tampered with ie: alteration of
colour, perforation etc.

Although the stamp details are not clear,
the cancellation mark is and can be
used as a guide.
The George Kirk Jeffryes forgeries are
engraved and dangerous, but they do not
show the plating characteristics. They
were printed in pairs. According to
'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works'
by Varro E. Tyler they exist either cancelled
with the Sydney barred cancellation or
uncancelled, or numeral cancels:

2: Parramatta
7: Penrith
9: Bathurst
12: Cowra
16: Wellington
24: Dapto
29: Broulee
34: Bugonia
43: Gunning
46: Gundagai
49: Wagga-Wagga
58: Clarence Town
62: Morpeth
64: West Maitland
66: Singleton
82: Armidale
84: Tenterfield
93: Boyd
96: Maryborough

This is an example of a double print

This reproduction of plate1, pos18 was sold
at the Sydney SYDPEX in 1980 with the
imitation postmark. Notice something
missing in the skyline ? (church steeple)

Although the "Sydney Views" series plate I
and plate II did not contain letters in the
, this stamp with letters in the
bottom corners is included to show the
similarity. Forgeries do exsist. This is one.

This plate II block of 9 (real or fake?
Mouseover for magnifying glass

Variations of the ink mix, and depth of the
impression causes loss of details in the
following computer generated examples.

So if you had a stamp that was missing the
buildings, making this a extremley rare
variety and valuable but because of the ink
and impression variations, you would not
be able to detect this error.

Just for fun, can you spot the 12 differences
between the 2 un-modified stamps?

I hope this site has given you more
knowledge about the varieties of this stamp
and your feedback is welcomed.
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Proof images from Hutson and Hull with
the assistance of the Royal Philatelic
Society of Victoria, Ashburton.

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