Definitions of Codes

B1 = some spots on back side missing the backing paper
BKT = issued in booklet form
CN = control number on back of stamp
CS = color shift in image.
CSLL = color shift lower left corner of image.
CTO = cancelled to order. Original gum uncirculated cancelled.
CTO1 = cancelled to order stamp that had its hinge removed and took with it a portion of the gum layer
CV = sender covered stamps with strapping take on package.
D1 = foreign bit of paper dried on stamp.
DP = white spot(s) is/are dust particle(s)inside the scanner
FL = white fluff on scanner.
FOB1 = MLH stamp that had its hinge removed and took with it a portion of the gum layer
FP = phosphorus tagging
FY = faulty some defect
FYB = some defect on back or a portion of the layer of the back side
FY1s = faulty only 1 stamp
IMPERF = not perferrated
INK = ink pen mark on stamp
H = hinged
LH = lightly hinged.
LHRos = light hinge removed but outline showing
Mac = Major crease on stamp
Mat = Major tear on stamp
Mar = major wrinkle on stamp
Mic = Minor crease on stamp
Mir = minor wrinkle on stamp
Mis = Minor scratch on stamp
Msi = missing small piece of image
Mit = Minor tear on stamp
MLH = Mint Lightly Hinged
MOG = most original gum left
MOG1 = small patch of gum layer missing
MUH = Mint Un-Hinged
N1 = thread at top left is a piece of lint.
NC = not cancelled
NFT = no flourescent tagging
NH = not hinged
NG = no gum
NP = not postmarked
NPM = non-postal markings on stamp
NPT = no phosphorescent tag
NSH = non-standard hinge on back
NU = not used
NW = no watermark
NW1 = stamp listed as having a watermark but it is not visible.
OG = original gum
OV = piece of top stamp still stuck to lower stamp surface.
OV1 = 2 idential stamps stuck together back to back.
p&s = peel and stick issue.
precan = stamp was precancelled for government use.
Prf = perferation Number= how many ie Prf10 = perferated 10.
PF = one or more perferations missing.
PF1 = some perferations have been cut off.
PF2 = all perfs on one side cut off from automatic letter opener.
PW = postal envelope pre-printed with an embossed stamp.
SB = appearent surface blemishes are on clear protective plastic sleeve and not on stamp.
SHT = issued in tear apart sheets.
SM1 = ink drying smear on numerals.
SOG = some original gum left
SP = still on original letter scrap
SS = stuck to stamp album mounting page
SS1 = bits of stamp album mounting page still stuck to gum
SS2 = some minor surface stains
SS3 = color leaching from one stamp to another in backing removal wash.
ST = the red ink from the edge of the airmail envelope has stained the stamp during water soaking.
SV = variation of catalogued color shade
T1 = original amature collector secured stamp into album using 1/2 inch scotch tape
T2 = original amature collector secured stamp into album using paper glue
T3 = original amature collector secured stamp into album using cellophane tape
TG = flourescent tagged stamp
TL = large tear on stamp
TS = small tear on stamp
UU = un-used
VHS = visible non-standard hinge stain showing through
VHSnsof = visible hinge stain on back but not visible on front side
WcYL = weak printed colors of Yellow and LiLac.
WM = water marked. The number (if any) is the water mark design number in catalog.
WMTF = watermark exists but too faint to identify correctly.