Ukraine Stamps
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Ukraine Un-issued stamp
1920 2r
This stamp was printed for public circulation by the "People's Rupublic" - but
that entity was overtaken by the wider events of the ongoing Russian Revolution, and
the Ukraine was absorbed into the nascent Soviet Union.

This stamp would normally not be listed in catalogs because it has not had a chance
to get into circulation and therefore valuated.


The History
Declaration of independence from Soviet Union: 24 August 1991
Independence referendum: 1 December 1991
Current constitution: 28 June 1996

Map of Ukraine

Capital City, Kyiv

Examples of stamps from Ukraine

Definitions of Codes

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Here is an example of the stamps I
will trade for.

CDS are canceled date stamps where the cancellation stamp clearly
shows the day, month, year, and location where the stamp was canceled.

As you can see, the cds (circular date stamp) is readable in day, month, year, time, place. Not all countries include a time, so if no time is shown, it will still be accepted. Any cds in which you cannot read the place, day, month, year is of no use to me. Duplicated postage stamps are welcomed as long as the cancels are different. If I receive a cds that is not readable in any of the 4 items, it will not be considered as part of the trade and I will consider the stamp as a gift so make sure you can read the 4 items before including the stamp in a trade. Trading stamps will be on the Scotts 2013 catalog value of the postage stamp. Postage costs will be paid by each sender and not included as part of the trade. If at all possible I will try to trade stamps equal in issuing year. That is, if you want one of my stamps issued in 1908, then your cds should also be around the same time period. You can send me a list of my items you want to trade for, but include high resolution scans of your offerings (photos don't show accurate details), I retain the discretion of which of my stamps on your list will be traded.
My current wish list for trading